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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last updated on July 2, 2020


The Xena Foundation takes the protection of your privacy seriously. You will be clearly informed on our policy and options that you can choose from to monitor your personal data. 


What We Collect & Why

  • Cookies: The Xena Foundation uses technology to interpret cookies. Information acquired through use of our website includes the amount of time spent on page, any downloads, and your internet provider. You have the ability to opt out of cookies when using our website. 

    • Why: Data from cookies help to create a quick and proactive online experience. Cookies ensure your interaction with The Xena Foundation are properly documented to best suit you. 

  • Account Information & Posted Content: We save and protect your account email and password.

    • Why: We use this information to understand The Xena Foundation demographics and ensure we are hearing and responding to what you have to say about your experience. We streamline any questions or concerns you may have. We are also able to communicate with you to share important information. 

  • Online Advertising: User’s interactions with The Xena Foundation online digital ads will be collected. This includes third party websites, and all forms of digital advertising. 

    • Why: To enhance user experience and ensure only relevant content is shared with you in future. 


How Collected Information is Used

  • Protect Customers: By monitoring your information we are made aware of any potential threats to the safety of your account and use your experience to continuously improve our security. We are able to confirm your identity and ensure the security of your account. 

  • Improve The Xena Foundation: Collected information and utilizing analytics allows The Xena Foundation to better understand you and help to provide you with the services and products you need. Information also allows The Xena Foundation to improve communication and provide you with personalized offers, promotions, and any other additional services. 

Children’s Clause

  • The Xena Foundation’s website is not designed for children under the age of 13, and no data or information will be kept. Do not share any personal information on The Xena Foundation’s website if you are under 13 years of age. 

Shared Information & Business Transfers 

  • The Xena Foundation may share your information with necessary and trusted third party vendors, our marketing organizations, partners, retailers, and any legal obligations. 

  • The Xena Foundation will not sell or share information that is not necessary. The Xena Foundation is ever growing and adjusting to fit the needs of our customers which can result in destructuring, business mergers, or sales. This could result in business transfers and your data being safely shared out of necessity along with The Xena Foundation’s other transferred assets.  

Data Retention & Security

  • All personal information will be safely stored while it is necessary for business and is kept consistent with any and all state and federal laws. Transporting information via the internet is never 100% secure, by sending your information to The Xena Foundation you are consenting for us to do everything in our power to secure your information once it is received.  

  • If The Xena Foundation experiences a breach in security you may be notified via your preferred communication channel if deemed necessary. 

  • The Xena Foundation works together with third party websites. Please be aware that we cannot control privacy policies besides our own. Always use caution when visiting unknown sites and submitting personal information.  


  • If you have any complaints or problems regarding The Xena Foundation’s Privacy Policy please contact The Xena Foundation  at We will work with you to understand your conflict and move towards a solution. 


Your Privacy Option

  • The Xena Foundation members have the opportunity to opt out of communication including email and post mailings at any time. You also have the option to deactivate and delete your Xena Foundation account, or refuse to link devices using The Xena Foundation mobile application. We will still have your data securely stored while it is necessary for business. 

Privacy Policy Updates

  • The Xena Foundation is constantly working to improve and better serve you. We will contact you regarding any privacy policy updates or adjustments before they are officially made. If you have any questions regarding updates please contact us (information below). 


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