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Forest Walking For Your Business

Who Benefits?

Forest Bathing can provide a measurable and lasting improvement to the wellbeing and function of your organization in just one day.  


Forest Bathing as a team can help build communication, understanding and trust - a more conscious team. Teams that are newly formed, experiencing challenges, and scaling up will all grow and perform better together.

Individuals are recharged after Forest Bathing; in this workshop they are able to understand better what drives their wellbeing, and so are able to better manage their wellbeing under pressure. This ongoing improvement enables them to connect with their purpose more powerfully,  bringing their authentic selves to work.

An Inclusive Shared Experience

Forest Bathing is an inclusive way of strengthening team relationships and supporting individual wellbeing. Many traditional team building activities are based around competition and/or physical and mental challenges. This does not always support those who are socially reserved, non-competitive, differently abled, or already experiencing serious stress and/or anxiety. In fact, many traditional team building activities can exacerbate existing tensions between individuals or work groups within an organization

Science Backed results

Research has demonstrated that the practice of Forest Bathing:

·        Reduces blood pressure

·        Lowers stress and cortisol levels

·        Improves cardiovascular and metabolic health

·        Lowers blood-sugar levels

·        Improves concentration and memory

·        Reduces anxiety and depression

·        Improves pain thresholds

·        Increases energy

·        Boosts the immune system

·        Increases anti-cancer protein production

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